Lodges Wanted & Found!

The renovations to the indoor pools, sauna and steam room have been extended and are now due to complete on 12 October 2023. Click for details

Do you own any of the following lodges or weeks and are thinking about selling? We might be able to match you with a buyer!

  • Looking for: week 29 (17 July 21), 3 bedroom lodge, ideally a Sunday changeover (loves Lodge 76)
  • Looking for: week 32 or 34 (7 Aug or 21 Aug 21), 3 bedroom lodge, ideally a Sunday changeover
  • Looking for: week 37 or 39 (11 Sept or 25 Sept 21), Lodge 93 only considered
  • Looking for: August week, 3 bedroom lodge, “priced to sell”
  • Looking for: English School Holiday period, Lodge 94 (Darrochshiel House) only
  • Looking for: Scottish School Holiday period (Summer, April or Oct), Lodge 17. (Would consider swapping lodge 17, week 9…also open to selling week 9, without a swap).
  • Looking for: week 32 or 33 (7 Aug or 14 Aug 21), 3 bedroom lodge.
  • Looking for: week 14 (2 April 2022), 3 bedroom lodge. (would consider swapping two bedroom lodge, week 14)
  • Looking for: week 22 (28 May 2022), 3 bedroom lodge. Preferred location near pond/tennis courts.
  • Looking for: week 31 (31 July 2021), 3 bedroom lodge (currently own a 2 bedroom lodge and would consider a swap with someone wishing to downsize).

If you own one of the weeks listed above and want to sell OR if you are looking for a lodge but haven’t found the one for you, complete and submit the form below….

…let the search begin!