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Phone & Electricity Charges

Phone & Electricity Charges


The telephone system in your lodge includes a message service and direct access for incoming calls. The direct access means that you have a unique number for your lodge, which callers can use.  The number is (013397) 533, followed by two digits for the lodge number. For example: Lodge 1 (013397) 53301, Lodge 93 (013397) 53393. Calls between Lodges and Rooms is free.

Telephone charges are as follows:

Local, Free, National and Mobile Calls Per Minute: 0.26p

Premium Rate Calls Per Minute: £3.15

Directory Enquiries: 0.50p

Credit Card Connections £1.00


Electricity charges are as follows:

Standing Charge at £0.30 per day of occupation

High unit charge of £0.1770

Low unit charge of £0.1243

Electricity Charges Explained

A standing charge is a fixed amount paid daily to the electricity supplier. It’s a little like a connection fee, then you will also pay for the electricity that you actually use.

A high unit charge, also known as a normal charge, is for the operation of normal domestic appliances such as cookers, fridges, kettles etc.

A low unit charge is also referred to as off peak, and is for heating and hot water use during off peak energy times generally through the night.


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