Protecting yourself from Timeshare Fraud

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Reporting unsolicited contact

Data abuse is prolific in the timeshare sector and fuels scams with many timeshare owners wrongly falling victim and parting with large sums of money.  More so now than ever before, fraudulent operators are targeting timeshare owners offering them false promises and ways of exiting their timeshare.

It is advised any timeshare owner receiving any form of unsolicited contact (such as a cold call, text message or e-mail) from a 3rd party company or solicitor should report this as soon as possible by completing the following online form:

All reports will be investigated and evidence of data protection breaches and other unlawful behaviour will be collated and presented to the relevant authorities throughout Europe.

Please be very cautious if they:

  • Cold-called you and initiated contact by email, phone or text – this will likely be a case of data theft.
  • State that your club/resort, an exchange company or a European listing of timeshare owners provided your telephone number and/or have asked them to reach out to you. This will not be the case.
  • Claim to already have a buyer for your timeshare.
  • Tell you not to speak to your club or resort at all and to deal only with them.
  • Promise to pay an unusually high price for your timeshare.
  • Ask you to pay an upfront fee for legal, registration or administrative purposes. This is now illegal.
  • Pressure you into signing up for a holiday club or discount travel club in return for your timeshare.
  • Are a firm of solicitors asking for an upfront payment to help you obtain a refund of money you paid to a company which has failed to deliver the service it has promised.

Contact The Timeshare Task Force

If you have a query or concerns and require assistance with a problem relating to your timeshare; the independent and trusted team at the Timeshare Task Force are on hand to help with confidential advice on refunds, relinquishments and issues relating to law enforcement where potential breaches of law and data theft may have occurred.

Timeshare Task Force Contact Details

  • Within the UK: 01823 510625
  • Outside the UK: 00 44 1823 510625
  • France: 00 33 (0)170702227
  • España: 00 34 (0)932201691
  • Italia: 00 39 (0)236006613


The Timeshare Task Force helpline offers a free service and is the recommended and legitimate resource for European timeshare owners. The Timeshare Task Force is operated by Kwikchex via funding received from EUROC and is approved by UK Trading Standards.

Visit the Timeshare Business Check website – A working partnership with timeshare owners

Those engaging in deceitful and unlawful behaviour are often reinventing their identities and purported services misleading timeshare owners on matters such as resale, transfer and marketing scams.

If any owners are unsure about any business they may be in contact with or have discovered online, it can be evaluated and reported via the Timeshare Business Check website.  Following this process and reporting any potential fraudulent activity enables Kwikchex to carry out investigations and provide up to date advice and assistance to the owner.

Business Checking and decision making

Carry out checks on 3rd party businesses and products prior to making any payments or entering into contracts. It includes considerations regarding buying timeshare and related products/services, as well as questionnaires that can be submitted to businesses.

Click here to check a business:

Business Warnings and Alerts

Always check for warnings about specific businesses. Warnings are issued on the basis that the business may have been the subject of official actions and/or are failing to properly disclose/intentionally hide details of ownership. If a business is not the subject of a warning notice, it is still important to carry out recommended checks.

Click to review the latest warnings: