General advice regarding your timeshare

Should you have any questions or enquiries about your timeshare, the independent trade body, EUROC, suggests and strongly recommends that you always contact the management team Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) at Craigendarroch to discuss any concerns or questions you have relating to your timeshare. Email:

Contact your club or resort owner committee

Here at Craigendarroch we have an owner committee in place who are here to represent the owners’ of the club and also, act in the best interest of the club itself.  The club committee is comprised of three timeshare owners who all own weeks at Craigendarroch Lodges therefore it is recommended that should you have any questions or concerns regarding your timeshare ownership that you make contact with one of your owner committee representatives to ask questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Please email:

Selling your Timeshare

Sometimes timeshare owners need to, or decide it’s time to sell their timeshare weeks for a variety of different reasons. Before engaging with any third party company, we strongly recommend that you speak directly to the Craigendarroch resales team to discuss the options available to you. Please email or telephone 01339753454.

If you choose to speak to, sell or release your timeshare through a 3rd party company, please be very cautious if they:

  • Cold-called you and initiated contact by email, phone or text – this will likely be a case of data theft.
  • Claim to already have a buyer for your timeshare.
  • Tell you not to speak to your club at all and to deal only with them.
  • Promise to pay an unusually high price for your timeshare.
  • Assure you that you will be released from your timeshare contract without consulting your home club and the terms of your contract.
  • Ask you to pay an upfront fee, usually a substantial amount in the thousands of pounds.
  • Pressure you into signing up for a holiday club or discount travel club in return for your timeshare.
  • Are a firm of solicitors asking for an upfront payment to help you obtain a refund of money you paid to a company which has failed to deliver the service it has promised.

If you choose not to contact your club or committee representatives to discuss your timeshare resale/exit options and engage with a 3rd party, this could lead you to falling victim to timeshare fraud and parting with large sums of money with no timeshare exit in place and owing outstanding maintenance fees.

For more information please visit the Euroc website: