COVID-19 Update

Latest update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Scottish Government has extended restrictions across the country. Following this guidance, all Hilton Grand Vacations managed properties in Scotland have temporarily suspended operations. The restrictions are expected to be in place until mid-February 2021, and are contingent upon further reviews by the Scottish Government. The next review is expected on 2 February, 2021Full details

Following the new Scottish Government regulations which came into effect on 5 January 2021, all holiday accommodation in mainland Scotland (Level 4) is closed to tourism.

The law also prevents non-essential travel to and from Scotland.

Following a review by the Scottish Government on 19 January 2021, lockdown in Scotland has been extended until mid-February 2021. The restrictions are contingent upon further reviews by the Scottish Government and the next review is expected on 2 February 2021. We cannot provide any further information on whether the accommodations will open or the travel ban eased until advised by the Scottish Government. For more information, visit the Scotland Government COVID-19 website at .

Travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man: Under current Scottish regulations, you must not travel between Scotland and England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland or Wales. This applies to people who live in Scotland and to people who live in any of these countries who are thinking of coming to Scotland. Travel exceptions are detailed within the Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance on travel and transport.